S​.​O​.​C (Stream of Consciousness)

by Cory Cifax

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When I wrestle with pride I'm like Jeckle and Hyde/ one side giving
the word the other heckling God /but I'm in my element killing all
of my arrogance I/ sever my ties and tell the devil he better resign/
I’m not on another level I'm a regular guy /who met with a God who
cared to put my felons aside /but I’m seeing a team of demons and I
tell them to hide/ tell him to stop swelling my cerebellum with lies
/when I fear my demise I just stare in the sky /remember that my
Heavenly Father set me aside /and I believe in reason I'm an
intelligent guy /also believe in Jesus who look death in the eyes/ no
I've never seen em or felt the nails in his palm /but half of what
seen with my eyes is really a lie /red or blue pill some people never
decide/ but I'm in this road of life and I’m not just here for the
ride/ I'm serving the most high who never pelican dives/ Lucifer the
only one who ever fell from the sky /so ready or not I'm not ready to
stop what God put on my heart heavy as elephants I /know that for
every ego there is a delicate side that bruises when I mention you’ve
been sabotaged /your genetic design bares the image of God but that
image is ruined cause your sin is a crime/But the consequences for
sinning isn't a fine crimes are against a govt we've offended a God/
my offenses afforded a sentence by His design/ for everything that I
stole for every pitiful lie/ I should sit and just scold I should
sizzle in fire/ but sit and behold the redemption of God/ the reason
I say Jesus and every lyric and rhyme cause every whip on His back
every hit it was mine/ For every Tom Dick and Harry and Drake and
Nicki Minaj for Cory Arnold and Chris and Déjà tiff and Deon /there
is a check with our name we didn't pay to be on /debt it was paid
with His death now here’s the way that it's going/ Disintegrated the
sin when they nickel plated the pin it penetrated skin and it
vindicated our wrongs/ here the way to begin when you put your faith
up in Him you get to thank him for changing your situation I'm gone

Production: Cain and Sound Junkie
Audio Engineer: Caleb Zovar
Wreckroom Studio
Milwaukee, WI


released June 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Cory Cifax Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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